For embassies and regional partners

Legendy Vostoka (Middle Eastern Legends) is a unique international project, realised by IMESClub, aimed at promotion of the Middle Eastern countries in Russia, introduction of their cultures, traditions, history and historical figures, literature, daily life and politics. The main goal of the project is to uncover negative stereotypes about Middle East to make it more popular in Russia and establish friendship between people and countries,  to fight xenophobia and islamophobia. 


We employ various formats of events depending on the topic and task: lectures, workshops, business trainings, movie screenings, expositions, shows, etc., arranging the event from A to Z,    including PR.


Our target audience includes people from various circles - from experts and professionals working in the region to general public up to general broad public.

We are open for cooperation with embassies and regional companies: we can offer engagement in our current activities or we can elaborate a custom program/events for specific client accordingly to your demands and requirements and assure a full management.

If you are interested in cooperation with us, please feel free to fill in our contact form.

For political consulting, GR, PR, assistance with doing business in Russia please contact management of IMESClub via this e-mail.  

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